A day on the Lake

Are you on a Holiday at Balaton? We offer you ‘one Day to rule them all’…
It is for resting, learning, kayaking, splashing, wow-ing, laughing – long story short, to taste being a kayaker at the Lake, if you can’t spend a whole week with us.

We start from our base at the Marina Port of the Old Ship Factory at Balatonfüred.


First our experienced tour guide will introduce you to the basics of paddling in a sea kayak. This is for the safe enjoyment of the paddling. You will hear about the kayak you’ll use, the basic paddle strokes and of course safety recommandations. Right after we jump in our kayaks, and start paddling along the fair shores of our homeland.
We are going to see unique scenery. Probably these are the last forests to be caressed by waves in the country to remind us the original beauty of Nature. After a few hours of light paddlig we stop at the Fishermen’s Homestead to taste the traditional fish food of the region.


Shady glades of the Fishermen’s Den will await us with freshly prepared fish to have a nice lunch and a short siesta. It is also a great place to have a short walk in the forest, or for a refreshing swim.


Our trip won’t end here. We will have the chance to visit the conservation area of the Bay of Bázsa. Its’ compelling reed-land is full of giant fish and waterbirds for those who like to be absorbed in Nature.
We are going to finish our trip at the free beach of Örvényes. We’ll provide transport for our paddlers back to their vehicles.

We provide:


-waterproof bag.

You’ll have to bring:
-sunglasses with straps,
-light coloured long sleeve.

If you’d like to spend a day paddling, then have a seat in the sea kayak!
Do not forget to tell us when and how many of you would come.


You may participate at your own risk!