Wine trip a’la Kajak-On-Balaton

In case you don’t have time for our all inclusive one week trip, but one day is not enough, just spend the weekend with us!


We get on board at Zánka’s beach, of course just after the short training for you to ensure your safe enjoyment. Starting from here we will paddle to where our favourite hill, the Badacsony lays. It is not only our favourite, but it is for wine lovers, as it is one of the famous Hungarian wine producing regions. After getting off the water we walk to our Hotel near to the beach and settle just for a short time. Soon we set out to a “wine-walk” to sample the region’s best wines in nearby wineries. Along with the wines we are going to taste some traditional Hungarian food.


On our second day we are going to choose the distance to paddle according to the success of the previous evening. We can choose to paddle till Szigliget and walk up to the castle. Alternatively if the beauty of Szigliget’s Bay let us leave we may paddle all the way to Gyenesdiás’s brewery.

We provide:
-waterproof bag.

You’ll have to bring:
-sunglasses with straps,
-light coloured long sleeve.

If you’d try paddling and wine-tasting at once, then have a seat in the sea kayak!
Do not forget to tell us when and how many of you would come.


You may participate at your own risk!