About us

We have to say, we are pretty lucky, that we grew up at the shores of lake Balaton, and we currently live here. The lake plays an important role in our life. We love and highly respect it.

Bálint Preiszner

Balint began sailing on the lake when he was a few months old. The love and respect for Nature that partly grew in him at the shores guided him to study Biology and Geography at the Uni, and these proved to be very useful as a tour guide. He is participating in many nature conservation actions around the lake, such as bird ringing actions. As a registered ringer he knows a “few” things about birds’ life, and he will happily share this knowledge with you. For a few years now he also guides eco-trips at the Balaton Uplands National Park.

Krisztina Krassován

Krisztina also collected the morsels of the passion for Nature around the lakeside, for sure that is why she studied Biology and Environmental Sciences in the university years. She has a calling to help people to get closer to Nature thus they will protect it by heart. The eco-trips give a great opportunity for this quest through water, rocks and woods.

Péter Tóth

Péter’s love and respect of the Lake is ever growing since his childhood. His bonds to the landscape was so strong, he decided to leave the capital, and move his family to the North Shore of the beloved Lake – this was also heeding the call of his kayak. Ever since day by day, in each season he is a committed lifeguard, and lives with the thousand faceted Lake. If for some reason he is not on the Lake, you might look up to the skies and see him gliding with the birds, or you might meet him on the road riding one or two wheels, or you might meet him and his famous hiking boots somewhere in the Balaton-Uplands’ woods. He probably just made someone’s day, and got an other one Lake-lover…